Thank You Letter Examples

   Thank Teacher To Principal

I feel that I just have to write and let you know how much I appreciate my daughter Jill's teacher, Mrs. Smith. Jill has shown so much personal and academic growth this year, and I know that's in large part to Mrs. Smith's patience and attention.

Not only have Jill's grades improved, but for the first time in months she is happy to go to school in the mornings.

Mrs. Smith is open and honest when communicating with parents, and I have never met a more accessible teacher. I can't say enough how wonderful it is to know that her interest in guiding Jill is genuine. I can see why Jill loves her so much, despite the academic setback she's experienced this school year.

I truly hope that Mrs. Smith's willingness to go above and beyond to help students and communicate with their parents does not go unnoticed. Thank you for the opportunity to share my appreciation with you.

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