Thank You Letter Examples

   Thank You to Maid of Honor

Dear Anne,

Now that the stress of the wedding is over, I need to take a moment (or several hours, or a night on the town) to express my gratitude to you. You were such an amazing Maid of Honor and I don't think I would have even made it to my Special Day without you.

Never before had I realized that I would ever care about the color of candles, much less whether or not they matched the flowers and then if the flowers matched the tablecloths. Who cares about those things?

Not only did you help take care of every little detail, though, you also kept everything in perspective for me. It really helped me realize that I was putting too much focus on the event and not enough on the fact that I was getting married to the best guy in the whole world. Thanks to you I was able to stop, take a deep breath, and really appreciate my marriage for the sacred celebration that it was.

I hope that you've got as many great memories from the wedding as I do. I know a big reason for its success was all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you.



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