Thank You Letter Examples

   Thank You to Best Man

Dear Jake,

I've been writing thank-you notes to people for giving me dishware for what feels like years now, so I'm taking a break to write a letter that actually means something to me. (Don't tell Aunt Edna that I'm that indifferent toward her gravy boat.)

Thank you for being my best man. You really rocked it. I mean, you did a great job with the bachelor party and an embarrassingly thorough job on the toast, which I appreciate. But mostly it was just great to have my best friend from the third grade standing up there with me and supporting this whole new marriage thing I've gotten myself into.

I never really felt like I missed out on having a brother because a best friend was always way better anyway. You've been there for me most of my life and I'm grateful to have had your support on the most important day I've ever had. So, thanks.



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