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   Thank You for Tithing

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Tithing is an act of community, of supporting the lowest among us and of spreading God's word to the needy. Therefore, I like to personally thank the members of the church who manage to put aside 10% of their income every year to help further our mission.

I know that in a time of economic insecurity, it can be easy to simply put off tithing until a "better time." But your continued financial contribution to the church proves your faith in God's plan and the way that He takes care of His flock. This year, we were able to send sixteen students on a mission trip to Favela, Brazil. There they were able to help build a school, care for the poor and teach the message of Jesus Christ to those in need. We also sent more than 100 care packages to our sister church in Ibadan and provided meals for nearly 5,000 hungry children.

I am devoted to the idea of tithing and improving the church. I believe that even during periods of financial uncertainty, we are stronger by staying together and supporting each other. Thank you for helping us to maintain our community and to reach out to others.

Your yearly statement is attached for your perusal. If there are any questions or irregularities, please contact Linda at the office at (555) 123-4567.


Pastor Tucker

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