Thank You Letter Examples

   Thank You for Saving a Life

Dear Dr. Jacobs and Staff,

After I was hit by a car on November 3, I didn't honestly think that I would have the chance to do anything ever again, much less write this letter. However, due to the incredibly fast and decisive action of your entire team, I am not only able to write you this letter but to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life. I have no doubt that without your quick wits and skill, I wouldn't be here today.

I know that you work on many people every day, but I just want to let you know that it means the world to me knowing that there are smart, competent people like you saving lives and helping those of us who are unfortunate enough to end up on the wrong side of a moving vehicle.

I was not really coherent enough to remember all the people who helped save my life, but I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and their dedication. The ability to complete even the simple act of writing a letter has never felt so good.


Tucker Taylor

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