Thank You Letter Examples

   Thank You for Nonprofit Donation

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

This year, Karen Smith celebrated her 13th birthday. It's a day that neither she nor her parents ever thought she would see. Karen has Stage IV lung cancer and the only reason she has been able to receive the treatments she needs at ABC Nonprofit Corp. is due directly to your contributions.

Thank you so much for donating $250 to Karen's cause, and to the cause of all of the children that come to us every day. It is our goal to make sure that all children receive proper care, whether they can afford it or not. Your continued support helps ensure that Karen gets to celebrate another birthday, and that is a gift beyond price.

ABC Nonprofit Corp. is a nonprofit organization that provides medical services to terminally ill patients under the age of 18. We have locations in Anytown, Other Town and Another Town in California. Thank you for your donation, and for supporting our efforts.


Tucker Taylor

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