Thank You Letter Examples

   Thank You Host Family

Thank you so much for so generously inviting me into your home. I'm excited to spend the next six months in Kerala and work toward my Bachelor's Degree in Communications. I've never been to India and I'm eager to learn everything I can during my visit.

I appreciate you hosting me for the duration of my stay. I'd like to mention a little about myself before I arrive. I'm 21 years old and interested in travel, music, languages, and history. I'm a vegetarian and a great cook, so I'll be interested in trading recipes with you and trying new dishes when I arrive. I speak fluent French and a little bit of Hindi, but I'm working to get better.

I am allergic to cats and dogs, so I hope that won't be a problem. I'm including a picture of me so you know what to expect. I look forward to meeting both of you on September 21!

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