Thank You Letter Examples

   Thank You For Reference Letter

321 Easy St.
Anytown, CA 93449
(555) 555-1212
[email protected]

June 19, 2024

Dave Davis
GreatCompany, Inc.
345 Job Dr.
Othertown, CA 96097

Dear Mr. Davis:

I can't thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to write me a reference letter. I am convinced that your praise of my work at GreatCompany made a huge difference in my recent interview with XYZ Corp.

I am feeling really good about how the discussion went, and I think I have a reasonable shot at the Widget Coordinator position. (The selection process is continuing through next week.)

I'll definitely let you know if things work out with XYZ Corp., or if I will need to take advantage of your generosity once again.


Taylor Tucker

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