Thank You Letter Examples

   Cannot Accept Gift Thank You Letter

Joe Journalist
321 Easy St.
Anytown, CA 93449
(555) 555-1212
[email protected]

June 18, 2024

Dave Davis
GreatCompany, Inc.
345 Job Dr.
Othertown, CA 96097

Dear Mr. Davis:

Thank you so much for thinking of me with your generous gift of chocolates.

However, I am a member of the Society Professional Journalists and have pledged not to accept anything of value from a source. Unfortunately for my taste buds, that includes delicious chocolates.

On the bright side, I walked the box of chocolates down to the Boys & Girls Club and you should have seen the look on those kids' faces! Rest assured, those chocolates did not go to waste.

It means a lot to know that you find my reporting fair and accurate, even if it's not always good news about your company. Thanks again.


Joe Journalist

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